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It’s easy: send an enquiry to the accommodation facilities which meet your search criteria and wait for their offers; choose your favourite one and follow the instructions of the accommodation facility in order to confirm your reservation.

The facilities reply at their own discretion and convenience. If you do not receive any answer within a reasonable time, we suggest that you send a reminder.
Moreover, your enquiry may not have reached the facility due to a malfunction of their e-mail address.

If you complete the enquiry form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail; in this case you will have a user area at your disposal where you can find the list of the contacted facilities. To access your user area click here and enter the e-mail address you used for your enquiry: you will receive an e-mail containing the password to access your user area.

Many accommodation facilities opt for our Premium Service and their phone number and e-mail address are published on their page; the remaining facilities can be contacted by clicking on the “request offer” button.

The accommodation facilities which receive your request will send you an offer detailing the price and method of confirmation. From this point on the definition of the offer, the reservation itself as well as the payment are negotiated and carried out directly between you and the accommodation facility, according to the terms provided by the facility.

We suggest that you always ask for a written confirmation of your reservation detailing dates, price, conditions and services included. Moreover, take a look at the photos of the facility and the proposed room/apartment.
Generally, the facilities with more information on their page should be preferred.

YesAlps puts you in touch with those accommodation facilities that could suit your needs, but does not intervene in the negotiations between you and the selected accommodation facility. Moreover, the information on this website are edited by each facility at their own discretion.
Therefore, any complaint must be settled directly between you and the relevant accommodation facility.

With our find accommodation tool you can make a search according to the availabilities entered by each accommodation facility. If your holidays are distant in time, use the option “show also accommodations without specified availability”. Filter your search according to your preferred criteria and use the function “request offer” in order to send your enquiry.

YesAlps ranks the accommodation facilities according to the users’ appreciation expressed in the form of positive reviews. A facility with many positive reviews which also has all your favourite features (regarding category, type, services etc.) will most probably be able to satisfy your needs. Additionally, reading the reviews will help you understand which elements were particularly appreciated by other travellers.

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If you want to send more than one enquiry, we suggest that you authenticate your e-mail address during the first enquiry procedure; this will let you send other enquiries without having to confirm each of them.
Your enquiries are displayed in your user area, which you can access at any time.

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Further questions...

In addition to the information published on this website, you can request further information directly to the local tourist offices; their contact details can be found on YesAlps.

Several portals aim to provide users with a reliable guide on the quality of accommodation facilities, restaurants, etc. based on both positive and negative reviews collected anonymously. YesAlps has opted for a different service: :)️ We liked it!. The goal of the service :)️ We liked it! is to collect positive feedback and grant more visibility to businesses with a higher number of positive reviews. Anyway… Your contribution is important!

We do not provide other tourist information except for the information published on this website. If you want to report a malfunction of this website or give us advice or suggestions… please contact us.